Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Patch 1.01

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Patch 1.01
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 2014

The 1.01 Patch brings various changes and improvements to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. While the patch comes in at a meager 12 megabytes, small tweaks improve the gameplay to a noticeable degree. A resolution bump, removal of a controversial mod, and audio improvements are the highlights of this particular patch. Each and every San Andreas player should download the patch as soon as possible. From there, they can enjoy the game without too many hitches or flaws.

Getting Rid of "Hot Coffee" Immediately

Everyone knows about the "Hot Coffee" mod for San Andreas. In fact, even non-gamers know the mod because it caused so much controversy. Patch 1.01 removes access to the mod from the game completely, which is a welcome change. The mod brought such negative publicity to the game that it was removed from store shelves for a time. Without a doubt, its removal is a positive development, although some may point out how difficult the mod is to access without explicit knowledge of the process.

Audio and Resolution Changes

With Patch 1.01, San Andreas gains support for higher resolutions. 720p and 1080i resolutions are now supported natively within the game. GTA: San Andreas isn't the most attractive looking game, so a higher resolution is a welcome addition. Audio improvements have been made throughout the game as well. Now users can import their own audio into the game for playback on the in-game radio. Fortunately, these simple changes improve the overall experience.

Bug Fixes, But Are They Enough?

Patch 1.01 patches a couple of game-breaking bugs related to normal gameplay. A few dozen smaller bugs have been addressed with the patch as well. Sadly, the 1.01 Patch doesn't address a couple of glaring bugs and glitches found in the game. Regular players will be disappointed that those other bugs haven't been addressed. Rockstar could have made a better effort to tackle the more serious bugs. Still, any and all bug fixes are good, so it's hard to complain too much here.

Download The 1.01 Patch Today!

At such a small download size, the 1.01 Patch is a recommended download right away. Minor changes add up to a somewhat major improvement to the game. Patch 1.01 doesn't change the game drastically, but GTA: San Andreas runs much more smoothly with it installed. Plus, Rockstar intends to launch another patch for the game in the future, so even more improvements should be headed to San Andreas. The game remains a popular title on PC today despite its age. Patch 1.01 will keep the title alive even longer.


  • Removes the highly controversial "Hot Coffee" mod from the game.
  • Brings about major bug fixes that cause the game to crash.
  • Support for 720p and 1080i resolutions finally available.


  • The patch doesn't fix every common bug for the game.
  • A larger patch would have been preferable for gamers.
  • "Hot Coffee" mod controversial but difficult to access in the first place.

Beginning in a relatively humble way, Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto series has gone on to become one of the most popular in video game history. The first two iterations, top-down games with relatively simple mechanics that nonetheless offered some innovative freedoms, were solid, well-respected products. It was 2001's Grand Theft Auto III, though, that really turned the series into a phenomenon. The move to 3D brought the game's open-world settings to life in a way that few gamers had previously experienced, and the game was undoubtedly one of the most successful of the decade. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas took things even further, shifting the scene to a vast Los Angeles-like city and its stunning natural surroundings.

This Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas patch updates the PC version of the game to release 1.01. One of the biggest--and potentially most controversial changes--in this patch is that the so-called "Hot Coffee" feature of the game is disabled. This Easter egg, which Rockstar claims was unintentionally left in the release version of the game, allows gamers to view some scenes that some might find offensive so that its removal may be a positive for some fans.

Otherwise, the game adds support for new display resolutions; most interesting among these being a couple that are common to high-definition televisions. Although the patch notes are not definitive on the subject, there is a chance that some may finally be able to play the game in the 1080P resolution that is the most detailed available for that format.

A number of relatively minor bug fixes fill out the list of updates. Many of these fixes address problems that only ever affected a relatively limited subset of gamers, such as black expanses appearing where detailed textures should have been, but those experiencing issues with the game will certainly want to see if the patch helps.


  • Welcome support for new HDTV resolutions
  • A slew of smaller fixes will bring relief to some gamers
  • Removal of "Hot Coffee" may please some


  • No new features or real performance improvements
  • Some gamers will miss Hot Coffee

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